• Audio_ Episode #2 Shari Cole

    Business Woman Speaks on CBD & Autism and Hollywood Moviemaking

    September 30, 2019  /  ChadO

    Show Notes: Episode #2 Host: ChadO Guest: Shari Cole Producer: April Olshavsky Watch Video 1. Experiences with breast implant complications — Silicone poisoning (Treatment, Recovery) 2. Hollywood filmmaking — From Chicago Agent, to Film Production, Tom Cruise and more! 3. Autism Parenting — Seeking optimal treatment solutions as a parent (Autism & CBD) 4. Women […]

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  • Audio_ Episode #3 Miguel Jimenez

    Employment in the Cannabis Industry

    July 27, 2021  /  ChadO

    Show Notes: Episode #3: Working in the Cannabis Industry Date Recorded: 10/01/2019 Full-Length Interview Time: 1 hour and 8 minutes Host: ChadO Guest: Miguel Jimenez Sponsor: Herbal Risings Cannabis College (visit the website) Show Summary: We talk with dispensary manager Miguel Jimenez. Miguel is a graduate of Herbal Risings Cannabis College, has worked in medical […]

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  • audio mikel weisser

    Cannabis Legalization 2020

    July 27, 2021  /  Mikel Weisser

    Show Notes: Episode #1: Cannabis Legalization ; Arizona Smart and Safe Initiative Date Recorded: 09/2019 Full-Length Interview Time: 1 hour 45 minutes Host: ChadO Guest: Mikel Weisser, Arizona state NORML director Watch the Video Show Summary: State director of NORML Mikel Weisser talks about cannabis tragedy, legalization, hope for the future, and lots, lots more, […]

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